Learning Technologies, Training and Audiovisual Outreach


The Learning Technologies, Training Audiovisual, and Outreach (LTAO) group is a cooperative team supporting all KSU students, faculty, and staff by providing technical training, AV services, learning technology support, and technology outreach. We evaluate, test, and provide learning aids for new software and services prior to campus implementation to ensure that the university enjoys their full benefits. We administer and support the adopted University of System of Georgia Learning Management System as well as other academic learning technologies approved by the University. We also offer video production, event support, and live streaming services; our team can record video on location or at our in-house studio, utilizing professional video equipment and post-processing software and providing audio and live streaming support for campus events. The LTAO group provides campus communications for all UITS-supported campus technologies and services. Our department’s goal is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge between the people who implement technology on campus to the people who use the technology.

Org Chart

LTAO Top Services

  • Academic Learning Technology Administration & Support
  • Technology Training & Support
  • Video Production
  • Broadcast Services
  • Outreach Technology Awareness & Marketing