Welcome to Kennesaw State University's Information Security Office!

The Information Security Office (ISO) is charged with the responsibility of network and systems security at the University. The ISO works with members of the KSU community, including system administrators, students, staff and faculty to protect the KSU network and infrastructure. The ISO cooperates with administrators at other sites, as well as law enforcement entities, in response to security incidents.

Security Education

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Join the ISO for the latest addition to ITS Outreach's Workshop Series - Computer Security. This one-hour workshop covers the basics of computer security for Windows & Macintosh computers and is geared to students, faculty, & staff.

To register for this mini workshop, go to login to OwlTrain with your NetID and password. Browse to this workshop via the Catalog menu, ITS Computer Skills Workshops, Computer Security, Computer Security Workshop. [Instructions]

We also offer this workshop in your classroom or department! To schedule a group session, please contact us via email at iso@kennesaw.edu.

In addition, the ISO offers numerous educational resources:

Protect Your Portable Devices

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Laptops, PDAs, smartphones, as well as a variety of portable storage media such as USB flash drives & portable hard drives are convenient, but increasingly attract thiefs. Learn how to protect your portable devices by reading the Cyber Security Tip by US-Cert, titled: Protecting Portable Devices: Physical Security.

ISO Mission Statement

The mission of the KSU Information Security Office (ISO) is to assure the security of the University's Information resources and provide a safe computing environment for the KSU community. This mission is achieved through the utilization of policy & procedures, security training & awareness, and technical controls. The overall objective is to support the university's teaching, learning, and public service missions through partnership with faculty, staff, & students.

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