Using Microsoft Outlook With The Zimbra Collaboration Suite

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite enables the seamless use of Microsoft Outlook. This desktop compatibility gives end-users freedom of choice.

Benefits of using Microsoft Outlook include:

  • Familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office
  • Desktop tray icon new email notification
  • Archiving capability
  • Delay Delivery
  • Email capability from within Microsoft Office applications and from websites
  • Hard drive saving capability

Microsoft Outlook is automatically installed on your computer when it is configured with Windows and Office.

New E-mail Notification

MS Outlook can be configured to show a notification icon on the Windows System Tray whenever new messages or other items are received.


Archiving email will remove email from the campus server and move it to your hard drive. You will still be able to access archived email. You can also copy the archived email to multiple locations so that you have a backup. Archiving email can be automated through the AutoArchive feature.

Delay Delivery

By using the Delay Delivery option, within Microsoft Outlook, you can place a new message on a schedule to be sent out at a set time and date.Note that MS Outlook must, however, be up and running in order for the message to be sent out.

Email capability from within Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Office's emailing functionality is optimized for Outlook to be able to email your Office documents.

Hard Drive Saving Capability

MS Outlook allows for messages to be saved on one's hard drive in the Plain Text, Rich Text, and HTML formats.

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