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January 2019

• KSU D2L Brightspace is now a fully cloud-hosted solution, allowing for increased stability, streamlined updates, and better service reliability.
• Small interface improvements for instructors and students.
• The return of the “Continuous Delivery” model for D2L, with regular, incremental improvements throughout the year.

May 2018 – D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience

KSU D2L Brightspace received a significant visual and interface update prior to the start of the 2018 May semester: D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience. Daylight features the same functionality, sign-in process, and course content available in the classic version of D2L Brightspace. 

New features in the Daylight update include:

  • Responsive interface with improved compatibility for mobile devices.
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Tile based course layouts
  • Visual and interface updates to the Quizzes tool
    …and more 

Please note that some of your customized course content may display differently as a result of this interface update. We encourage you to evaluate the look of your active course content in D2L.

Preview the New Update

As a preview of the updated service, we have created a new guide and instructional videos for using Daylight, including:

Guide - Navigation and My Courses Quick Guide
Video - Navigation and My Courses
Daylight Experience