• If you are a faculty or staff member at Kennesaw State University and need to establish a Banner INB user account, you must complete the New User Request form and send it to the Enrollment Services at bannerforms@kennesaw.edu. In addition, you must complete the Buckley form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

    If you are a faculty or staff member at Kennesaw State University and need to establish an additional access in Owl Express, you must complete a confidentiality statement and submit it to the Registrar's Office at buckley@kennesaw.edu.

    For both Banner INB and Owl Express, Enrollment Services will review the request and must approve for you to access the student data. Once the Buckley form has been submitted and approval granted by the Enrollment Services Office, the Enterprise Systems and Services (ESS) office will be instructed to set up your account access. Depending upon the type of account that is established, your username/password will be distributed by one of the following methods:

    • If you have access to the Owl Express system to view student data, enter grades, etc., you may login using your NetID and Password.
    • If you have access to Banner INB, ESS will contact you regarding your user id and initial password.
  • Banner is now only available as a web-based application. However, there are 2 types of Banner access. Faculty and Staff who use Banner to view student advising information, enter grades, etc. use the same web interface as students. To access this system, choose the Owl Express link from the Campus Intranet page. Users who work in the administrative offices around campus and use Banner INB in their daily routine access Banner via the following steps:

    1. Go to the Banner Student Information System homepage.
    2. Click on the Internet Native Banner (INB) - PROD link.
      NOTE: The first time you access Banner INB it will download and install the necessary plug-ins to run Banner via the web. You may be prompted to manually download and install the plug-ins and then restart your browser.
    3. At the logon screen, enter your Banner username and password and click "Connect".
  • Please use Internet Explorer 11 or Safari.

    NPAPI plugin is no longer supported as of Google Chrome 45 or Mozilla Firefox 52.

    Chrome 45, which was released September 2015, and Firefox 52, which was released March 2017, no longer supports NPAPI as a plugin for web browsers, which impacts java applications. As a result, Banner INB will no longer work with those versions or higher.

  • Banner INB and Nolij Web are now protected behind the campus firewall and require campus IP tunneling or authentication for access.

    Log on to https://hallpass.kennesaw.edu/ with your NetID and password.

    hallpass login

    ***NetID help can be located at:  https://netid.kennesaw.edu/itim/self/Login/Logon.do

    • Please use the Hallpass KSU Help icon within the Hallpass Menu for any help required with VPN connections.

    hallpass help

    Connecting to your campus workstation:

    Choose the My Computer option: (either Mac to Windows or Windows to Windows).  
    **You will need the IP of your on-campus workstation.

    hallpass connecting to windows

    This will allow you to use the system as you normally would on campus.

    Connecting via use of personal home PC only:

    •  After the Hallpass Menu appears, click on the "Banner INB and Nolij access" icon. 

    hallpass inb nolij

    •  You will be prompted to install the following:

    TAP-Win32 Provider V9 Network adapters by Open VPN, Inc.

    hallpass adaptor install 1

    •  After OpenVPN installation,  Hallpass will initiate the Java plugin and one or both of the following may occur:
    • You may be prompted with a Java message concerning the AgentLauncher.  Click Yes  to this prompt.

    hallpass adaptor install 2

    • If you receive the following window, click to Always trust content from this publisher as well.

    hallpass adaptor install 3

    •  The User Account Control window will appear next.  Click Yes to this prompt.  This will launch the Connector that allows VPN tunneling of your computer to the KSU campus.

    hallpass adaptor install 4

    • A blue/green Connector will show up in your System Tray (by the date & time).

    hallpass adaptor install 5

    • Within a few moments, another tab will launch in your Browser to the KSU – Enterprise Systems & Services – Banner Student Information Menu which contains links to all Banner related applications, including Nolij Web. 

    banner website

    For ease of access, always leave this tab open during your session.  If this tab is closed in your browser, direct URL access will be required for this page.  Please use one of the following URL's:

    • To Log off the Connector and Hallpass click Log Off in top right-hand corner of the web page.  This will disconnect the Connector and log out of Hallpass completely.

    Connecting via use of personal home MAC only:

    Refer to the following Guide located under the Hallpass Help Center icon on the Hallpass Menu.  This Guide is located under the On and Off-campus connection to a campus Mac using a Mac option.  Follow steps 12 – 29 and connect using the URL's listed above.

    Hallpass Mac to Mac Guide

  • When running a job on GJAPCTL, you may specify how you want the output to look. Provide your printer name in the "Printer" field and put the appropriate command from the list below in the "Special Print" field depending upon the type of output you require. Leaving the "Special Print" field blank, prints the output Landscape.

    printing report

    NOTE: The print options listed below only work with HP Laser Printers.

    • LAND - Prints Landscape
    • LANDCOMP - Prints Landscape Compressed
    • LANDDUPX - Prints Landscape Duplex
    • LANDCOMPDUPX - Prints Landscape Compressed Duplex
    • PORT - Prints Portrait
    • PORTCOMP - Prints Portrait Compressed
    • PORTDUPX - Prints Portrait Duplex
    • PORTCOMPDUPX - Prints Portrait Compressed Duplex
  • If you have forgotten your username or password used when accessing the Owl Express or the Banner INB system, you should be able to retrieve this information yourself. Your username is your NetID which is printed on your KSU ID card.  If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the NetID page. This will allow you to reset your password for both Owl Express and Banner INB.

  • Banner users that have multiple Java versions on their desktop machine may get a Java Security Warning message. This message states that the Banner application requires an earlier version of Java than what is installed on their machines (see below for image). This message is purely informational, but can become an annoyance since the user is prompted with this pop-up each time they go to Banner.

      • Banner will work fine with higher levels of Java installed on the machine.
      • Banner does not require an upgrade of Java.
      • Banner requires and will force that at least version 1.5.0_14 is installed.
    java settings 1

    Why did this message start occurring? A more recent version of Java has been installed on your computer, probably through the application of the latest Java patches and fixes.

    If you wish to prevent this popup from occurring, please follow these directions:

    • Click "Start" then select "Control Panel"
    • Once your Control Panel is open, click on the "Java" icon. This will open the Java Control Panel.
    java settings 2
    • Then click on the JAVA tab on the top panel and then click the first "View" button. The Java Runtime Settings window will pop up. You should enable (check) only the highest version of Java in your listing. You should then disable (uncheck) all the other lower versions. (If you only have version 1.5.0_14 installed on your PC, that is fine and it should be enabled.)
    java settings 3
    • Click the Apply button and then OK button.

    Once you have changed your Java Settings, you should clear your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies in your web browser. To do this in Internet Explorer follow these instructions:

    • Open up your IE browser
    • Click the Tools drop down menu
    • Click Internet Options
    • Click Delete under the Browsing History Section
    • Click Delete Files
    • Click Yes
    • Click Delete Cookies
    • Click Yes
    • Click Close
    • Click OK

    Now start Banner and the warning message will not appear.

  • If you receive a message similar to the one below when you try to go into INB forms: FMB-92120: Registry file https://...../Registry.dat is missing

    Registry file 1

    You'll need to clear your Java Cache. To do this on a PC, first you MUST close all browser windows (IE, Mozilla Firefox, etc) that you have open. Then you'll need to click on the "Start" Windows circle, and then click on "Control Panel" to select:

    Registry file 2

    Then you will need to double click on the "Java" selection.

    Registry file 3

    Once the "Java Control Panel" comes up. You need to click on the "Settings" button under the "Temporary Internet Files" section.

    Registry file 4

    You will then need to click on the "Delete Files ..." button:

    Registry file 5

    Leave both selections checked and click on the "OK" button:

    Registry file 6
    • Click the "Ok" button on the "Temporary Files Settings" window to close it.
    • Click the "OK" button on the "Java Control Panel" button to close it.
    • Close the "Control Panel" window.

    You should now be able to go into INB Banner forms.