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New in Summer 2018 – D2L Brightspace Daylight

Prior the start of the Summer 2018 semester, D2L will receive a significant visual and interface update: D2L Brightspace Daylight.

New features in the Daylight update include:

  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Tile based layout for courses
    …and more 

Daylight features the same functionality, sign-in process, and course content available in the classic version of D2L. We will have much more to share prior to the release of this update in May 2018.Daylight Experience

New in June 2017

  • Assignment: When creating or editing an assignment folder, instructors can now fill in a notification email in the Properties tab.
  • Announcement: Instructors can link directly to individual announcements by using the Insert Quicklink button from the HTML editor.
  • Discussions: When viewing discussion topic, the properties are now listed together, directly below the topic's name.
    • Filtering Options: Filtering options are now displayed in a Filter by drop-down list above individual posts to allow sorting by unread, flagged and unapproved posts.
  • HTML: Faculty and staff can paste content from MS Word or an HTML site and have the look and feel of the source document.
  • Intelligent Agents: Brightspace introduces new features and functionality for Intelligent Agents. For details, click here.
  • Language Management: User Progress tool has been renamed the Class Progress tool.

New in September 2016

  • Forum Description with Threads: Instructors can now elect to have the description of a forum appear within the discussion topic area. Students will see the description when replying to a topic.

This feature must be enabled when editing or creating a new forum. A new "Display forum description in topics" checkbox has been added under the Options menu.

  • Copy Student Replies: When copying a discussion thread, instructors now have the option of also copying all student replies.

New in August 2016

  • Automatic Creation of Discussion Topics: When discussion areas are created within the Groups tool, and the instructor manually adds a new group due to additional student enrollment into the course, the associated discussion topic is automatically created.
  • Descriptive Naming for Discussion Topics: When creating a discussion area using the Groups tool, D2L automatically names the group discussion topics using the Group Category prefix. The topics are created with the following format <group category name> - <group prefix>#. For example, Lab Project - Group 1.  

New in June 2016

  • Course Package Exports: External learning tools and content are now be included when instructors export a course package.

New in April 2016

  • Copy Course Admin Interface: A new Course Copy History page is now available in the Admin Tools menu. This feature archives and displays cross platform course copy activity. 

New in January 2016

Instructors - What's New Quick Guide

Instructors - What's New Video

Visit the D2L Brightspace Training page for more in-depth how-to's.

 List of the Noteworthy Improvements  Noteworthy improvements:

  • Copy Course Components: The Copy Course Component feature will now copy course-associated files.
  • Quiz Statistics: Statistics through the Quiz tool are now expanded.
  • Student Assessments: Instructors can now assess students directly within a discussion topic.
  • LockDown Browser Access: LockDown Browser is now accessed through the dashboard.
  • Student Options for Groups: Instructors can now allow students to unenroll or change groups.