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New in June 2017

  • Assignment: When creating or editing an assignment folder, instructors can now fill in a notification email in the Properties tab.
  • Announcement: Instructors can link directly to individual announcements by using the Insert Quicklink button from the HTML editor.
  • Discussions: When viewing discussion topic, the properties are now listed together, directly below the topic's name.
    • Filtering Options: Filtering options are now displayed in a Filter by drop-down list above individual posts to allow sorting by unread, flagged and unapproved posts.
  • HTML: Faculty and staff can paste content from MS Word or an HTML site and have the look and feel of the source document.
  • Intelligent Agents: Brightspace introduces new features and functionality for Intelligent Agents. For details, click here.
  • Language Management: User Progress tool has been renamed the Class Progress tool.

New in September 2016

  • Forum Description with Threads: Instructors can now elect to have the description of a forum appear within the discussion topic area. Students will see the description when replying to a topic.

This feature must be enabled when editing or creating a new forum. A new "Display forum description in topics" checkbox has been added under the Options menu.

  • Copy Student Replies: When copying a discussion thread, instructors now have the option of also copying all student replies.

New in August 2016

  • Automatic Creation of Discussion Topics: When discussion areas are created within the Groups tool, and the instructor manually adds a new group due to additional student enrollment into the course, the associated discussion topic is automatically created.
  • Descriptive Naming for Discussion Topics: When creating a discussion area using the Groups tool, D2L automatically names the group discussion topics using the Group Category prefix. The topics are created with the following format <group category name> - <group prefix>#. For example, Lab Project - Group 1. 

New in July 2016

  • Language Changes: Some D2L terms are updated for clarity. These include: 
      • 'Add Existing Activities' to 'Existing Activities' (Instructors Only)
      • 'Edit Course' to 'Course Admin' (Instructors Only)
      • 'Dropbox' to 'Assignments'
      • 'Dropbox Submission Folder' to 'Assignment Submission Folder'
      • 'New' button to 'Upload/Create' (Instructors Only)
      • 'News' to 'Announcements'

Language Pack Update Video

  • Answer Selection for Quizzes: This update includes an accessibility and mobility change for how learners answers while taking a quiz. Answers can now be selected by clicking anywhere within the answer field, and not just the answer bubble. See the example screenshot below:

Answer Selection for Quizzes

New in June 2016

  • Course Package Exports: External learning tools and content will now be included when instructors export a course package.
  • Bug Fixes: June's update includes several fixes for known bugs in D2L Brightspace.

New in April 2016

  • Copy Course Admin Interface: A new Course Copy History page is now available in the Admin Tools menu. This feature archives and displays cross platform course copy activity. 

New in January 2016

Instructors - What's New Quick Guide

Instructors - What's New Video

Visit the D2L Brightspace Training page for more in-depth how-to's.

 List of the Noteworthy Improvements  Noteworthy improvements:

  • Copy Course Components: The Copy Course Component feature will now copy course-associated files.
  • Quiz Statistics: Statistics through the Quiz tool are now expanded.
  • Student Assessments: Instructors can now assess students directly within a discussion topic.
  • LockDown Browser Access: LockDown Browser is now accessed through the dashboard.
  • Student Options for Groups: Instructors can now allow students to unenroll or change groups.