Students, faculty, and staff will receive a brand new email service prior to the start of the Fall 2017 semester. Outlook (powered by Exchange) will replace Gmail for students and Zimbra for faculty and staff when it launches on Friday, August 4, 2017. We have named this new email service KSUmail.

Exciting New Features

  • Increased inbox size: Faculty and Staff using KSUmail will have a 50GB inbox size compared to Zimbra's 3GB default inbox
  • Office 365: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of online enabled productivity applications, will launch to campus alongside the new email service. KSUmail features helpful integrations with Office products (for example, sending an attachment directly from the application).
  • OneDrive: Office 365 includes access to OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing. You’ll be able to store and easily share files related to your activities at KSU.
  • Calendar: KSUmail includes a built-in calendar feature for students, faculty, and staff that can be easily customized and shared with other KSUmail users.
  • Collaborate: Students, faculty, and staff will be able to easily share calendars, appointments, and folders through KSUmail’s unified address book.

  • Faculty Staff

    Faculty and Staff

    How to login: You will use your and NetID password to log-in to your KSUmail account at

    Set-up by appointment: Beginning on launch day, UITS will conduct a university wide training campaign, which will include in office set-up and help by appointment for faculty and staff. Set-up appointment request emails were sent from the KSU Service Desk on July 14; please respond at your earliest convenience to schedule or decline your appointment.

    Access KSUmail via the web: Prior to your appointment, you will be able to access the web version of KSUmail at

    Duplication from Zimbra: To prepare for the university’s move to KSUmail, we have begun duplicating and importing Zimbra mail. This process is necessary to migrate the university’s approximately 80 million emails (9TB of data) for the August deployment with minimal downtime.

    Due to the volume of emails being duplicated behind the scenes, we ask that you not delete or reorganize mail that has already been duplicated as these changes will not be reflected in your new KSUmail account. You can find a roadmap outlining dates of mailbox duplication from Zimbra to KSUmail here.

  • Students


    How to login: You will use your and NetID password to log-in to your KSUmail account at All emails sent to your email address after August 4, 2017 will be routed to your new KSUmail account.

    Read-only Gmail: When KSUmail becomes available on Friday, August 4, your existing Gmail account will enter a “read-only” state, and you will no longer be able to send or receive messages. However, you will continue to be able to login to your legacy account to view your old messages.

    Migrating your old Messages:  If you would like to migrate your Gmail messages to KSUmail, you will be able to do so manually using instructions provided by UITS. The KSU Student Help Desk will also be able to assist you with this process. Your old emails are not automatically moved to KSUmail.

    For questions or assistance, please contact the KSU Student Help Desk at or at 470-578-3555.