Frequently Asked Questions

  • The new schema is 470-KSU-xxxx, with KSU being 578 and xxxx being the last four digits of your current number.

  • No. There is no need to put 9 in front of the phone number. Simply dial the external number.

  • Yes, go to to register for a hands-on training workshop.
  • The old phones will remain in place until the entire Campus has been transitioned to the new system. At that time, disconnect orders will be sent into AT&T and KSU personnel will begin the task of collecting old phones and preparing them for surplus. DO NOT remove a phone or send it to surplus without first talking to KSU Telco.
  • Yes.
    • The PHONE USER PASSWORD is a 6-digit password that allows you to change your user settings in Services and to unlock your phone once the phone lock feature is activated.
    • The MAILBOX PASSWORD is a 6-digit minimum PIN number that allows to check your voicemail messages on your phone and at It must contain between 6 and 24 digits, which cannot be consecutive numbers, your extension number, or the same number in sequence.
    • The VOICEMAIL.KENNESAW.EDU PASSWORD is created when you first access the web-based voicemail application. The password must contain 8 characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters as well as special characters.
  • You can use a feature called CALL PARKING.

    • To park an incoming call, press the Transfer key, and then enter *71. You will hear a recording that will give you a parking space number. Take note of the number, and then press the Transfer Now soft key.
    • To retrieve the call, dial #71, and then enter the parking space number at the prompt, followed by the # key.

    Note: If the call is not picked up within 2 minutes, it will time out and ring back back at the phone it was parked from.

  • No. We are investigating a replacement for this service but do not have a solution at this time. There will be an associated cost when a new solution is determined.

  • Yes, the service will continue although there will be a new telephone number.
  • Siemens IP 55G VoIP.
  • Yes, GA voicemail will be discontinued. Saved messages will need to be saved to your desktop, see below for instructions. A new greeting will need to be setup for the new voicemail system; instructions will be provided at training.

    Saving Messages from Your GA Voicemail Inbox or Saved Folder

    1. Go to via your web browser.
    2. Log in with your username and password. (If you have forgotten your login information, click the “forgot login info” link below the submit button).
    3. The view upon login is of your inbox. If you have moved messages to your “saved” folder, click the Saved folder icon on the left side of your screen.
    4. Select the message you want to save by clicking the white box next to the message. You can preview messages by double clicking on the message.
    5. Click the Forward icon at the top of the screen.
    6. An email pop up will appear with your selected message attached. Enter your email address in the “To” field.
    7. Click send.
    8. An email will be sent to you with the message attached as an mp3 file.
  • Yes, voicemail messages are sent to your email as a .wav audio file. You may then delete them from the voicemail server (instructions are provided in training) or they will be automatically deleted after 60 days.
  • Yes.
  • Although we will no longer be using GA voicemail, conference bridges are available with the new phone system. This is an optional feature upgrade and an additional charge will be incurred.
  • Wired headsets will need to be upgraded. Options can be given for new headsets to be purchased. New headsets should be requested through ITS approvals at the Technology Purchases website.

    Many existing wireless headsets will work with the new phones, but will require the purchase of an adapter cable. Below you will find the list of the compatible headsets and the cable that will need to be purchased.

    EHS Cables For IP55G Headsets

    Brand: Jabra
    EHS Cable Needed: EHS 14201-10
    Headset Model: GN9120EHS, GN9125, GN9350e, PRO 9400, PRO 920, GO 6470

    Brand: Plantronics
    EHS Cable Needed: APS-1
    Headset Model: CS 50, CS 55, CS 70

    Brand: Plantronics
    EHS Cable Needed: APS-11
    Headset Model: Savi 700 series, CS 500 series

  • Yes, existing locations will remain active. Any new conference phones purchased should be requested through UITS approvals at the Technology Purchases website.
  • No, the cost will remain the same for FY 2015.
  • Yes, they will be included for FY 2015.
  • Yes, but only to callers who are calling from another VoIP phone. If a person is calling from their own personal phone (e.g. cell), they will NOT see your forwarding number.
  • No, this feature is not secure.
  • Yes, this is possible. However, once the entire campus has been transitioned to VoIP, disconnect orders will be submitted to AT&T and your old phone line, along with the forwarding, will no longer work. If the forwarding service needs to remain in place past this point, department approval is required for the $22 monthly charge by AT&T, which will be incurred in addition to the monthly charges for the new phone. Forwarding instructions can be found below.

    How To Forward From Your Old Phone To Your New One

    1. Pick up the receiver on your old phone and dial *74 (you should hear a dial tone).
    2. Dial “9-470-578-xxxx” with xxxx being the last 4 digits of your new phone number.
    3. Let the new phone ring 1 or 2 times, and then answer it.
    4. Hang up, and then test.
    5. If you have any problems forwarding the phone line dial X6029 for assistance.
    6. To cancel the forwarding for any reason pick up on your old phone and dial *73 – you will hear confirmation beeps.