This page provides information about KSU’s virtual private network service, available at KSU VPN enables off-campus KSU community members to enjoy the same online experience and network services available on-campus. Faculty and staff can also use KSU VPN to access their office Windows or Mac computer remotely. To begin using KSU VPN, first please use the instructions below to download and install the service client on the device you will be using to remotely access campus network services and/or your office desktop.

  • Client Installation

    Step 1: Client Installation

    KSU VPN is a client-based system. These instructions will guide you through downloading and installing the KSU VPN client on the device from which you will remotely access campus services.

    • Connecting to the Campus Network

      Step 2: Connecting to Network

      Once you have downloaded and installed the client, these guides will show you how to log-in and access campus services from off-campus as you normally would while on-campus.

      • Connecting to KSU Network from Off-campus on PC - Guide | Video
      • Connecting to KSU Network from Off-campus on Mac - Guide | Video

      If you were added to vpn-groups, follow the instructions on adding Portal Connections to the GlobalProtect client.

      • Remote Desktop

        Step 3: Remote Desktop

        If you would like to remotely access your office desktop computer through KSU VPN, these guides will show you how to configure and begin using this feature. Be sure to complete step 1 below while in your campus office.

        Step 1 - On campus

        Step 2 - Off campus