Deployment Information

UITS will begin deploying Windows 10 to campus PCs during the Spring 2017 semester. Please review the information below to learn what to expect before, during, and after your upgrade.

  • If you have any special applications installed on your machine, please have the application installation discs or files on hand prior to your scheduled update. Standard Windows 10 applications include:

    • Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Suite
    • Adobe Acrobat DC
    • Microsoft Office 2016 Suite
    • Microsoft Visio
    • iTunes
    • Audacity
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome

    Delete any unwanted data from your computer. This will minimize the length of time the Windows 10 update process will take for your computer; the more data stored on your computer, the longer the process will take.

    UITS will contact your college/department to schedule your Windows 10 update. If you would like to schedule an update in advance, please contact the KSU Service Desk at

  • UITS technicians will update each PC in-person via scheduled appointments; you must be present at the beginning and end of the migration process to ensure that your data, applications, and settings have been restored.

    Our update process includes data backup, reinstallation of applications and accessories, and connection to network drives and VPN. The time it takes to apply your Windows 10 update varies based on the size of your data and number of applications installed on your machine. 

    Data backed-up during your Windows 10 update process will be stored in a secure location by UITS for two weeks.

  • Several training and documentation options are provided to you by UITS. Please click here for more information. We appreciate any feedback regarding your Windows 10 upgrade experience.

    A customer survey will be emailed to you within the next two weeks for your feedback on your migration experience.