Security Forms


To protect the data located in Banner and Nolij, all new Banner and Nolij accounts require the completion of the FERPA Online Training course located at  Please email the FERPA certificate with the signed Banner Admin Pages and/or Nolij Web New User Request Form to

Here are the instructions on accessing the FERPA Training v6.

  1. Open the browser Firefox or Chrome, navigate to
  2. Login with NetID and NetID Password
  3. Top right of window, click in the Search box and type FERPA
  4. To the left of the Search box, click Select
  5. In the Select box, located under Type, click the checkbox next to Custom and click Done
  6. To the right of the Search box, click the Magnifier icon (Search)
  7. You will see the training labeled FERPA Training v6
  8. After receiving a score of 80%, your FERPA certificate will become available to download in OwlTrain

As part of the recertification process, Banner accounts will be audited to ensure employees are using their accounts. After September 1st, user accounts in which the user has not logged in subsequent to September 1st of the previous year will be deleted.