• All faculty and staff can send documents through DocuSign. All KSU community members can electronically sign DocuSign documents.

    All KSU faculty and staff have access to DocuSign. To enable your account, go to the DocuSign login page; you will be prompted to sign-in with your full NetID@kennesaw.edu email address and NetID password.

  • DocuSign is provided as a service to campus and there is no associated fee to use the service; however, a fee may be assessed to have a digital document printed and delivered through the system. Please contact the KSU Service Desk atservice@kennesaw.edu for additional information.
  • Please visit DocuSign System Requirements  for up-to-date supported browser information. 

  • Yes - documents can be transferred from one account user to another with department approval. Please contact the KSU Service Desk at service@kennesaw.edu for additional information.

  • Yes. DocuSign ensures the legality of electronic signatures. Learn more about DocuSign legal protection of eSignatures.
  • You can draw your own signature in DocuSign using a mouse or touch-enabled device. You can also select from a few preset signature designs.
  • The Office of Cybersecurity has evaluated DocuSign with the intent on storing highly confidential data. For more information about using highly confidential data with DocuSign, please contact the Office of Cybersecurity at ocs@kennesaw.edu.

  • DocuSign offers bank-grade security and operations. Learn more about DocuSign document security

  • Yes. The accessibility support feature permits screen reader applications to read instructions, envelope documents, and DocuSign tags. This allows blind and visually impaired signers to act on the tags and complete signing. Learn more about using the DocuSign accessibility support feature. 

  • Additional DocuSign features, including templates and the ability to create web-accessible electronic forms, can be accessed after supplemental training in OwlTrain. The two courses below will need to be completed before the ability to create templates and web-accessible electronic forms will be granted.

    Docusign 101 Training
    Docusign Templates and Powerforms Training

    Please contact the KSU Service Desk at service@kennesaw.edu for additional information.