Getting Started with KSUmail

For your convenience and to serve your preferences, there are multiple methods of accessing your KSUmail account:

  • Outlook Desktop Client for PC and Mac—This is the method UITS recommends for faculty and staff accessing KSUmail from a non-shared office computer.
  • Outlook Web Access at—This is the method UITS recommends for students and others using shared campus computers.
  • Mail Client for Mac—Apple’s built-in MacOS mail client
  • Default iOS and Android Mail Applications—UITS recommends these methods for accessing KSUmail on your mobile devices.
  • Outlook App for iOS and Android, Microsoft’s dedicated Outlook application for mobile devices, available from your mobile device’s app store.

For solutions to common questions and issues with KSUmail, search the Knowledge Base.

Still have questions? UITS can assist you with setting up your KSUmail account. Please contact the KSU Service Desk:

Outlook Web Access

Getting Started



Resource Accounts

If you are the Owner

You can retrieve your resource account(s) within your own KSUmail account from Outlook on the Web: Resource Account Access in Outlook Web

If others need access to the resource account(s), you can grant them access: sharing folders  and sharing calendars.

If you are the Share Recipient

  • Shared Folders: No share acceptance email is generated. You need to manually add folder shares to your KSUmail account.
  • Shared Calendars: Share acceptance email is generated. You will accept the share within the email. 

KSUmail on Mobile Devices

You are advised to update your device to the latest OS and the data backed up to the cloud before configuring KSUmail.

Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad)

How to Add Your KSU Email to Your iOS Mail App

Android OS (Phone & Tablet)

How to Set Up KSUMail on an Android Device

Outlook Client for the PC

Note: You must log in at and do the time zone setup first before launching the Outlook Client for the PC.


How To Create and Insert KSUMail Signatures

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