UITS provides KSU students, faculty, and staff with multiple solutions for storing, accessing, and sharing University data. 

All individuals utilizing University technology resources must comply with KSU’s Data Security Policy, viewable at the Policy at KSU webpage. This policy has been created to protect sensitive University data, including the personal data of students and employees, and is essential for compliance with federal, state, and the University System of Georgia data security regulations.

The document management solutions available at the University do not in themselves monitor compliance with KSU’s Data Security Policy. It is the individual’s responsibility that data stored using these available tools adhere to the policy and legal requirements. In support of this, we have created a matrix comparing the document management solutions available at KSU and the types of data that can safely be stored in each. This short descriptions of each solution are viewable below.

doc management matrix

View the UITS Document Management Matrix
  • OneDrive

    Available for: Students, Faculty, Staff

    Office 365 is available to all students, faculty, and staff and includes access to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage and document sharing solution. OneDrive is accessible online at o365.kennesaw.edu, through a file browser on your PC or Mac, or by using the OneDrive application on your mobile device. UITS recommends OneDrive for online storage of non-sensitive university data.

    • SharePoint

      Available for: Faculty, Staff

      SharePoint is a web based tool intended for team file storage and sharing. SharePoint sites are configurable and can include custom access settings for each page. UITS must approve requests for new SharePoint sites.

      • Shared Network Drives (I, M)

        Available for: Faculty, Staff

        Shared network drives are designated storage drives on the campus network. Access to folders on shared drives can be granted to individuals or groups of individuals. Shared network drives are the only solution available for storing sensitive data on a network. Confidential data stored on a shared network drive must have a designated custodian; please contact the Office of Cybersecurity for more information. Shared network drives are accessible on campus and off campus using the VPN.

        • Microsoft Teams

          Available for: Students, Faculty, Staff

          Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.  Teams integrates fully with the Office 365 productivity suite. 

          • DocuSign

            Available for: Faculty, Staff

            DocuSign is a platform where users can assemble documents and allow for secure digital signatures. DocuSign allows users to create forms and manage electronic agreements.

            • LiquidFiles

              Available for: Faculty, Staff, and Students

              LiquidFiles allows users us securely share files.

              How to get started:
              - Visit the LiquidFiles site.

              - Upload the file you need to send.

              - After you select the SEND button, the download link for the recipient will appear; copy and paste it in an email to them.