IT Operations


IT Operations (ITOP) provides divisional administrative support, budget management, life cycle replacement of IT equipment, IT personnel management, divisional purchasing and software renewals, AV and IT equipment purchase approvals, and IT inventory and equipment management.

ITOP Top Services

  • Audiovisual (AV) Approvals, Tracking and Reporting includes the review, approval and processing of all AV equipment requested. Tracking of AV projects and AV Lifecycle Replacement (LCR) by funding type and year. Also, facilitates the AV audit as needed.
  • Budget and Expenditure Tracking and Reporting tasks include developing and submitting weekly/monthly budget reporting to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Executive Director of IT Operations, provide unit reports to the Executive Leadership as needed, and other reporting as requested. Review and assign expenditure transactions for processing as well as provide approval for the expenditure processing via ePro, OwlPays, PCard and Travel.
  • Cell Phone and Hot Spot Purchasing, Tracking and Audit includes purchasing and tagging of the cell phones, hot spots, upgrades, etc. for CIO approved units and persons.
  • Divisional Administrative Support assisting with departmental needs such as meetings coordination, travel requests, and expenditure processing. Maintain divisional phone directory, supply orders, phone coverage and purchase processing as needed.
  • IT Assessments and IT Approvals, Tracking and Reporting includes the review and approval of all requested IT equipment/peripherals. Tracking of IT projects and IT Lifecycle Replacement (LCR) by funding type and year. Also includes facilitation of IT audit as needed.
  • IT Inventory Management (ITIM) for all computers, peripherals and other IT equipment that are the property of KSU. This includes tagging, recording in Asset Management database, and distributing equipment to the campus.
  • Software and Hardware Contract Management for project cost estimates and reporting, as needed.
  • UITS Personnel Tracking and Reporting includes the submission of forms, HireTouch, on-boarding, hiring, reclassifications, organizational charts, etc. Also facilitates key/card access and technician parking requests.

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