What Happens When I Contact the KSU Service Desk?

No matter if you email, send a service request form or call, the KSU Service Desk will create service ticket to record the problem. If the initial responding technician is not able to resolve your issue immediately, s/he will refer the ticket to the next level or department of support so that you receive the assistance you need.

For the quickest response, please be prepared to give the following information:

  • FULL name and NetID name
  • Your affiliation at KSU (faculty or staff)
  • A phone number or email address where you can be reached
  • Your department and office location
  • If in a lab or classroom, the building and room number
  • The application(s) you were trying to use
  • The type of computer, printer or monitor in question
  • If KSU equipment, the decal # of the hardware
  • The operating system
  • The error message(s) received & what you were attempting at the time they generated
  • If the problem involves a printer, specify whether Network or Local Printer?
  • Steps taken to resolve the problem

Clear detailed information will minimize downtime.

  • We will NOT send passwords via email. Please call to have a password reset.
  • We will only give passwords to the actual owner of an account and identification will be verified.