iPad Mini Tablets for Fall 2020 Faculty

Kennesaw State University is pleased to be able to distribute iPad mini 5 tablets to faculty teaching during the Fall 2020 semester.  A variety of guides and videos are available to help new users get started and take advantage of all the resources available through this device.  

Learn more about the how to pick up, set up, and use the device below. 

*Watch this page for even more resources and tools to get the most out of your iPad mini 5!

Acquiring Your iPad

  • Kennesaw State University faculty teaching during the Fall 2020 semester are eligible to receive an iPad mini for classroom and professional use.

    Connect to the campus network through VPN or while physically on campus to check your eligibility status here

  • A 64GB, Space Gray, WiFi-only version of the iPad mini 5 will be issued. 

    Click here to see all the technical specifications and size of the device.  

  • This guide will walk you through the process of making the appointment to pick up your device.   
    Click here for a direct link to the appointment booking page.  

    When you arrive for your appointment, please be sure to bring your KSU ID (Talon Card).
    KSU ID will be REQUIRED for pickup.   

    Social distancing measures will be in place to ensure a contactless pickup process. 

  • UITS is committed to supporting faculty members.  These iPad devices are intended to support faculty in classrooms without webcams, microphones, and speakers.

Setting Up Your iPad

  • Setting up your device will require a wireless internet connection (WiFi). Your set up time will greatly depend on your WiFi speed. With a fast connection, set up may be completed in under an hour. For those with a slower connection, set up times may be longer.

    It is recommended that you set up your device while on campus.  

    It is advisable to familiarize yourself with your device and practice using it before classes begin.

  • There is a guide and a video available to walk you through setting up your new iPad.

  • There is a guide and a video to help you get acquainted with your new device, identify what the buttons on your device do, and answer many frequently asked questions (FAQ's) by new users. 

Using Your iPad 

  • There is a navigation guide and video that will walk you through navigating on your new device. 

  • This video will walk you through setting up DUO on your new iPad.

    DUO is Kennesaw State University's multi-factor authentication system. Multi-factor authentication is an essential part of ensuring the campus community has a secure digital experience. This guide will walk you through setting up DUO.

    Push notifications on your device make multi-factor authentication (DUO) fast and easy!

    The DUO mobile app, installed on your iPad, is an application designed to help you quickly and easily authenticate your identity in a two-factor authentication process by using a push notification (the recommended method for authentication). It makes it fast and easy to authenticate your identity by tapping “Approve” on the push notification sent to your iPad. To use DUO push, you will need to have the DUO mobile app installed on your iPad. You must also register your iPad as an additional device available for authentication using your KSU DUO account.

    Note: You may not verify your iPad as a new device using your iPad. As such, you must use a device that is already linked to your DUO account, such as an iPhone or Android device, to add your iPad to your DUO account.

    If you have problems setting up your DUO push notifications, or any other part of the multi-factor authentication process, please contact the KSU Service Desk at 470-578-6999 or service@kennesaw.edu.

  • Microsoft Teams is Kennesaw State University's preferred software for use in classes, meetings, and collaboration on the iPad mini device.   

    These documents can help you get started using Microsoft Teams on your iPad: 
    Activity Feed on the Go --  Guide   Video
    Join a Meeting on the Go -- Guide  Video

  • Yes.  Many types of digital writing tools will work with your iPad.  However, an iPencil works best.  Please note that only the first generation iPencil will work with your iPad Mini.  UITS does not supply iPencils or any other stylus for use with iPad Minis.  Please consult with your department to address your request for a digital writing tool.   
  • Your iPad Mini device comes with 4 years of AppleCare coverage. Please reach out to the KSU Service Desk (470-578-6999 or service@kennesaw.edu) for assistance.
    Accidental damage can be repaired for a $49 service charge paid by your department.
    Each iPad Mini is eligible to have up to two accidental damage incidents in the life of the iPad.
  • In the event that you transfer from your department at Kennesaw State, your device must stay within its original department.

    If you are separating from the University or transferring within the University, please return your device and all university owned accessories to your supervisor. Your supervisor will then initiate the process of re-imaging the machine with UITS. Data retrieval from a university device can only be authorized by the University Chief Information Officer.

  • If equipment is lost or stolen while on-campus, immediately contact the KSU Police Department (non-emergency) at 470-578-6206 or at police@kennesaw.edu

    If equipment is lost or stolen from off-campus, immediately contact local authorities in the jurisdiction where the equipment was lost or stolen. 

    In either case, please contact your supervisor as soon as possible and a copy of the police report must be sent to service@kennesaw.edu.

Using iPads with Classroom Technology 

  • The instructor station is the primary device for classroom instruction.  iPad devices are to be used as an in-room camera and audio only (not for screen sharing).  Please use the A/V panel, computer, and document camera at the instructor station as your primary device. 

    This video will guide you through using the instructor station for classroom sessions. 

  • Microsoft Teams, Collaborate Ultra, and Zoom are supported for classroom instruction. Collaborate Ultra and Zoom are integrated into D2L for a nearly seamless experience.  

    The instructor station will support and options.  iPad devices work seamlessly with Teams.  Collaborate Ultra can only be used with the Safari browser (on an iPad) and will not allow for screen sharing on an iPad.  

    This comparison chart will help you determine the web conferencing tool that will work best for your needs. 

  • While in an active classroom setting using the instructor station, you may want to utilize camera and microphone tools available on your iPad.  Using the iPad, you may display images, live video of your classroom whiteboard or other areas of the classroom that you wish to share with students attending the meeting virtually.  

    This video shows how to share course content using Microsoft Teams and transitioning to using your iPad to show live video from a classroom. 

    This video demonstrates the use of a new software application, VSolutions Link, installed on the instructor station which enables the document camera to display the image of the printed material to the desktop of the instructor station.  This displays physical objects under the camera to students in the classroom and students attending your Team meeting virtually.  If you use the document camera on its own, without the application, only students in the classroom will be able to view objects displayed through the document camera.

    • This video and quick guide will walk you through using Microsoft Teams in your course.
    • This video and quick guide will walk you through using Zoom in D2L in your course.
    •  This video and quick guide will walk you through using Zoom and the instructor cart in your classroom (not in D2L).
    • This video will show you how to install apps onto your iPad from UITS Self-Service
  • This video will show you how to use the iPad stand found in most classrooms.  You may place it anywhere in the classroom that you would like to pick up audio and video.  
  • The SWIVL robot is a base upon which an iPad Mini (or other mobile device) can rest.  This base follows the direction of a primary marker worn by the instructor.  The base uses the SWIVL app that is installed on the mobile device being used.  Instructors can record of stream the session using the SWIVL app OR Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Collaborate Ultra.  Regardless of the streaming/recording platform, the SWIVL app is required when using the SWIVL robot base.  

    This informational page will identify all the components of the SWIVL robot 

  • This video and guide will walk you through getting started using the SWIVL robot.  

    This guide will walk you through using markers with the SWIVL robot.  

    This video series will guide you through unboxing, connecting, and using your SWIVL robot.