Kennesaw State University is dedicated to providing the best-in-class tools for individual productivity, instruction, and collaboration both on and off KSU campus for students, faculty, and staff.

Best Practices for Teleworking

☐ Keep any needed devices, power cords, and accessories with you.
 Register multiple devices with DUO
☐ Keep your on-campus device powered on and awake
☐ Upload any essential files into a secure cloud location, such as OneDrive
☐ Set up Global Protect on your off-campus device
☐ Upload any essential media content into Kaltura MediaSpace
☐ Bookmark the KSU VPN website for easy access
☐ Set up your campus VOIP phone to forward calls   

Not sure whether you need to VPN in or use the Virtual Desktop? View our Remote Technology Comparison Chart.                                                

If you have any additional questions about any piece of Kennesaw State University-supported software, please explore the Knowledge Base

Need help accessing the internet?

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has put together a resource website for those whose access to the internet has been affected by COVID-19. Learn about public WiFi spots and discounted rates for private access on the Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative site.

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